The 1935 movie Transatlantic Tunnel
Was about the building of a tunnel under the Atlantic Ocean

The subterranean world is filled with secret tunnels
That were built by prior civilizations

The college campus that I live nearby
Has a network of old underground tunnels

Which also connects to the old downtown
That is now half buried
From an event that moved mud over 20 feet high

So it was not an inundation from an overflow of the local small river
But one that involved a shift in the magnetic field
That melted and moved the soil

The downtown has been built up and in some cases dug out
But huge pillars of smoothed granite remain buried

The current historical perspective has no room for these facts
So it is all ignored

It is proudly proclaimed that the city was built by the railroads
But the building of tracks involved a basaltic gravel base
Wooden crossbeams and the fastening of long iron rails
That weigh approximately 1000 pounds for every 7 yards of track

It also involved many bridges and tunnels

In other words it was an impossible feat for early immigrants

The State of Montana alone has over 5000 miles of track

Almost all of the railroad tracks in the western states
Are supposed to have been built in the late 1800s and early 1900s

New York City had a vacuum train
Which zoomed underground at incredible speeds

Such a high tech marvel even before most steam trains

The 1812-1817 reset used alien weaponry which changed the magnetic field
Buildings were buried and the citizens exterminated

Genetically modified humans were brought up from the underground

Much of the old world has been destroyed

We are told lies about our existence
About who we are and what the world is that we live in

We are being kept from knowing about our true multidimensional souls
And about our past of high technology and former paradisical environment

They want to turn us into remotely controlled avatars
With no free will and no conception of our origins

Living in a fantasy world

Unable to ascend
And experience the wonders of the Universe!