Souls have an early presence in the womb
Even prior to 13 weeks

But souls do not have a steady presence in the womb
And it is true even with newborn babies

Animals also do this
Traveling out of the body
During prebirth and as newborns

The soul merges with the body
And converges its multidimensionality
To navigate this energetic reality

The light of consciousness refracts within the energy template
Producing a unique hologram

The need to be born within this physical realm
Is written in the original blueprint of perfection

And what we gain here will be carried in the eternal life currents

The baby is a sovereign being at conception
And the sperm and egg create the spark of what will be that person

Conscious removal is an interruption of free will
Rather than a resolution of free will

It is a result of a lack of free will energy

The dissolution of what would be has karmic consequences

But one must figure in the frequency and intentions of the participants

And be in an understanding of compassion regarding the conflict
Surrounding the trinity that makes up the mother father and the incoming soul

You have to step back and see all 3 points of view
And level it with objectivity
Especially when the father is only around for a few minutes

The mother most always has the final say
About the being who shares a common space with her

An expansion of consciousness happens
When these experiences of disharmony and friction occur

A soul can come in later
But the negativity often blocks the reentry
And the soul jumps into a different timeline

When abortions occur there is no pre incarnation contract
And the couples are not twin flame unions

Many souls who are in the reincarnation cycle
Will jump into any vehicle they can find

Vaccines are causing infertility
And closing off availability for souls seeking incarnation

As a result multiple births of twins and triplets will become common
Because souls will not be divided entry

And higher consciousness energy is taking hold!