HAARP is a massive unit of microwave beaming generators in Alaska
It was built in the 1990s

Its main function is the search for wormholes
Wormholes or portals connect distant regions of our universe

HAARP can detect the electromagnetic radiation
At the entrance and exits of portals to other dimensions

HAARP has discovered UFOs enter our realm in Antarctica
And exit in a portal north of Alaska

The Thule Society funded German engineers who built the Vril H flying saucer
They got their name from Tula Greenland
Tula was an advanced civilization before the cataclysmic event in the early 1800s froze it over

It is also where the word Tulane comes from

The Virilia are telepathic humans that transmit information
And can put others in a sleep like trance

Vril is transformed plasma energy
It is a latent source of power
And spiritually elevates the heart

The Virilia master it by training their will
It is the Force depicted in Star Wars

Vril is technology and energy magic
It is directed by the mind

The mind is empowered by belief
Belief projects powerful imprints onto the quantum field

The Vril Wand was used to do incredible amounts of damage

The giants who formerly lived here protected themselves with copper armor
And the knights in shining armor were doing the same

We seem to currently have an uneasy truce with the Antarctic civilization!