In the Eagles song The Last Resort
They sing about Paradise Malibu and Lahaina

These all were very desirable places to live
But were all torched by a sudden powerful fire that incinerated metal into dust

They were all very selective fires that appeared out of nowhere
Burning homes but sparing the nearby trees
Normal fires do not do that

The soft drink Mountain Dew is made in Marion Virginia
Which is next to Langley Virginia and the headquarters of the CIA

Mountain is a term of the armed forces meaning Military Tactical Network
Dew is short for directed energy weaponry

A new flavor is the Maui Burst
Joe Bidon said he is laser focused on Maui

The Baja Blast is also a new flavor
It is the next one on the list

Lockheed Martin is the military subsidiary at the forefront of directed energy technology
They have created innovative fiber lasers with sophisticated beam control

Lasers are Light Amplification of Stimulated Electromagnetic Radiation
The new DEWs use sound waves instead of optical amplification

The military boasts about its tactical airborne high energy laser
The new submillimeter waves which they now utilize have frequencies which range up over 100 GHZ
And can affect multiple targets at once

They will vaporize the skin in seconds
And will direct mental functioning and control consciousness

Lipid nano particles in the vax in chemtrails and now in our food
Are like little bombers awaiting orders

A modulated signal of electronic microwaves will cause nano particles to swell
And release their pathogenic contents

An 18 GHZ pulse will turn humans into zombies

This game is way above the Rothschilds and Rockefellers
It leads to an otherworldly authority with no ability for compassion
Alien means lie

Will there be a zombie apocalypse in October
Im not going to make any predictions

The contents of your mind connects with Source Energy
And your creative imagination contacts the Universal Mind

We can have heaven on earth if we decide to reclaim it
It is all about frequency and awareness

Your brain visualizes the outside world for you
Change the messages sent to your brain
And you change the world you see!