Sympathetic magic is how our emotions interact with the Universe
There is a deep interplay between the Cosmos and human experience

When you pray do it with emotion
The emotion of enthusiasm has a powerful effect on your connection with the Divine

The emotions with the strongest potency are
Passion desire hope love sex romance gratefulness and faith

To reprogram the subconscious in a powerful way
Recall a memory where you had a highly positive emotion
And anchor to that emotion

Allow the subconscious to spark the Infinite Intelligence
Into bringing your imaginings into existence

Intention belief and sound vibration change the shape of molecules
They also alter your DNA
Pray as though what you seek is already true

People swear when they have a huge spike of emotion
When you damn something you will send out dark bolts of electrical currents

Right before your discharge remember to switch the output into positive
That way you will attract what is favorable and beneficial to you
Instead of drawing to yourself more of what is undesirable

Sexual climax is also an opportune time of sending out powerful vibrations
And planting in your subconscious any plan or purpose which you desire to translate into its physical equivalent

If you are true to your vision
The Unseen Power will take care of everything

The thought of connecting with an attractive stranger
Will usually evoke inharmonious imaginal thoughts and stir up emotions of fear
Causing you to dwell on them

Emotions reveal to you your underlying beliefs
Unwanted emotions stem from unwanted beliefs

Understand these beliefs are not valid
And do not identify with them or the subsequent emotions
You can stimulate desired emotions with a single positive thought

Honor the feelings that are in harmony with your vision

Imagination is your redemptive power
It can be as simple as imaging love wherever you go

Consciousness is the substance of life
Be aware of what you feel

Turn doubt into confidence
Indifference into compassion
Anxiety into calmness
And weakness into strength!