Whenever you make a bold move
You call upon unseen forces to your aid

Be aware of what you are suggesting to yourself
Only accept what is love

Making a quantum leap means moving outside your accustomed mental boundaries
Which you can make by mere suggestion

Your inner and outer are actually one
As your true essence is nourished and allowed to thrive
You will attain the inner confidence to manage your outside reality

Do not seek approval nor identify with the world of appearances
Your true nature is love strength and calmness
Just realizing that will release unnecessary identification to unwanted beliefs

Imagination is the all wise and all loving power of awareness
Awareness is being cognizant of who you truly are

Only through imaginings are beliefs formed
Your beliefs manifest automatically

Imagine you are what you desire to be
Imagine the world that you desire it to be
You and the world are a reflection of the contents of your mind

Accept that your desires are fulfilled
Let go of what is not true and what is not in harmony with your desires
Let go of separation based beliefs

Your desires are the basis for your creative power
Desire and fulfillment are bound together
As is cause and effect

You can remold the entire world into the Kingdom of Love
Love is life which is your desire

And your desire is what one day
You will become!