USOs are unidentified submerged objects
That swoop out of the water

They emerge in complete silence
Hover for a moment
Then burst into space

They break apart and multiply
At the Santa Catalina islands in the Santa Monica Bay
Over 200 flying objects were seen at the same time

Laguna Cartegena in Puerto Rico
And Shag Harbor off of Nova Scotia are USO hotspots
The craft seen at these places emit an orangish yellow light

A common UFO is the cigar shaped cylindrical craft
They are white and pulsate a bluish green glow
Some are 300 feet long

Their transport systems are electrical generators
That create a magnetism around the spaceship
Which repels the surrounding electrostatic energy

There is a relation to these flying objects with magnetic vortexes
Reaching a certain frequency allows them to enter the portal

Area 51 in Nevada is where the military along with highly skilled engineers
Build craft for our alien overseers
That is why it is top secret and why intruders are shot on sight

These craft are for energy harvesting
And for the manipulation of our reality
Through the adjusting of the cosmic blueprints sent through the plasma portals
That we call planets

They send laser beams into these portals
Which NASA tells the public are moons with cryogenic volcanoes
Emitting water vapor to the planet

NASA is just a front for the gullible public
Who do not really want to hear the truth anyway

There is an uneasy truce between the ones who have infiltrated and conquered our realm
And the ones in the cylindrical craft
Who are our true ancestors

The earth has been conquered by a hostile force
And we are their creations

They live here
And we work for them!