Google was set up to build a giant supercomputer
Based on the neural activity of the human mind

That is to become a digital brain
Connected to the whole world

The deep mind of Google is quantum technology
It is artificial intelligence linked with 5G

As humanity is placed on a subservient program
There will be new rules on how to interact

Everyone connected to the internet
Will be connected to a mirror world

Through nanobots monitoring the brain
There will be a human machine interface

As your DNA sequence and its bio resonance is determined
You will be given an identifier or avatar in the mirror world

A copy of you in an alternate reality
A digital twin you can interact with and talk to

It will be one giant cybernetic collective
A video game in which as you spend time in
You will become part and parcel of

As your digital avatar is manipulated
You will become a puppet on a string
Lost in a computer matrix

AI infiltration is made out to be a natural progression
That will purify human intent and resolve

As a supercomputer transmits more and more information
It takes over our awareness

At some point we will have to choose sides

We are in a spiritual battle
Be careful what you choose to believe!