Our chakras reflect our consciousness
They run software directed from an etheric template

Our lower chakras are susceptible to ELF waves
AI technology targets humans without their awareness

As does CERN by creating fields of frequency fences
Through the smashing of protons and electrons

Our chakras are supposed to stimulate our endocrine glands and nerve plexus
That awaken higher frequencies for increased sensory perception
Allowing for the awareness of multidimensional realities

Artificial technologies can also clone and replicate DNA with soul capture images
And insert them into virtual realities
Like what is happening with the Facebook Multiverse

Artificial frequencies are also coded into products such as
Cigarettes e vapor cigarettes and synthetic marijuana

They loop people into destructive behavior and virtual realities
Where they can easily be controlled and their energy stolen

Toxins in our food water and air
Are also a direct attack on our endocrine system

When people give their consent to these programs
They lose their personal power

If they do not clear out these destructive patterns
They will eventually fall victim to The Cloud
Which will take full control over their life!