Alien abductions are hybrid programs
For the purpose of installing higher energies
So that the person can go out and help others

Of course many abduction stories are made up
When a supposed abductee starts talking about visiting planets
I become extremely skeptical

I do not have any memories of abduction
But I do have instances that occur at night
Where all of a sudden I find myself realizing there is a UFO up in the sky
And it leaves very quickly

I do have dreams and recollections about being in the presence of unusually tall beings
They have a non threatening vibe
So I am not afraid just kind of amazed

I am in a foggy state of awareness
Sometimes I am sitting and I feel like I am in some type of classroom setting
Other times I am standing
But I do not know where I am

I have recurrent encounters with a couple of them
One of them seems to be in charge
The other one appears to be assigned to me

The latter one always has had an aloofness and a condescending attitude towards me
But the last visitation that I remember
His demeanor had changed and he spoke friendly to me for a brief moment

I think my experience with them as looking human like
Is just an appearance for my benefit
Because I do remember encounters where one or more were obviously not human

I do not see any navigation screens or celestial star charts
I am not shown around and I do not encounter any holographic devices
Or any pulsating power source
Or any metallic plasma features

I am restricted to one area
I do not feel I have the ability to move around much

Recently I had this vision or whatever you want to call it
Of a rotating layered circular object hovering above me
Each circular layer rotated in different directions at various speeds

It was not close and I do not know how far up it was
But I knew it was projecting towards me
And I instinctively knew that some frequency or data was being downloaded into me

I definitely feel that I have experienced a metatronic conversion
And I go about my life with the attitude that I have a higher purpose

A purpose not only for the good of humanity
But for all life!