The new frequencies will come in waves
Each wave separated by a few years

As our original DNA is restored
The body will respond and old habits such as carnivorous diets will fade away

After a few waves restoration will be complete
Anything that does not combine with the new structure will self destruct

Each wave will be like a strong emotion
That washes a part of us away
But deposits treasures we never imagined

Out goes naivete frustration anger despair
In comes wisdom discernment and enjoyment of life

Like our emotions the rhythm of life is natural
Expanding and contracting

Unrecognized subconscious emotions will no longer run our daily affairs
And we will have mastery over them

Emotions are our navigation system
That tell us where we are on the sea of life

We need to fully experience a wide range of emotions
To know the richness of feeling
And to give our souls understanding

When we embrace all our emotions we are no longer afraid of them
We embrace them with self love

By infusing love into our unpleasant emotions
We transform them into our welcome companions

When our emotions give us joy
We can stay in the positive

When we project a desired emotion
We project a desired reality

Imagine frequencies of love entering and combining with powerful subconscious emotions
That are revealing themselves

Imagine yourself as no longer being concerned about becoming overwhelmed with emotional reactions
Because you are at peace with them

When we line up intent with powerful positive emotions
Manifestation takes place

And we are bombarded with opportunity
As synchronicity takes place everyday

We self love into a higher reality!