You have a digital twin in the cyber world
Playing in the AOL sandbox
And the intent is to fuse it into the real world

Everyone is attached to the Cloud
With their own internal electricity

Cryptids that have been secretly grown are walking around
Meanwhile the weather controlled by electrical means goes up and down up and down

The masses continue to watch the same people on TV who lie to them
Or listen to the same people who lie to them on NPR

They better watch out or they will be designated as a red shirt
And be tossed in the feeder grid

Your DNA sequences are being played with
Through cell phone apps and by dispersing the air molecules that surround you
DNA analyte derivatives are created

The 12 hunger game districts are all drawn out
And super soldiers are ready to go
When they block out the sun

Your local police do nothing
Because they run with the bad guys
Even the CIA has handlers

They want you to believe AI just got here
That they are writing it
And are in full control of it

That nobody has a MacID that allows bio cyber interface

That nobodys DNA is getting dragged by Raymond spectroscopy
Which is able to look right into the structure of cells
By opening and closing them

That no one has a neuromorphic brain somewhere else

And that no one is being turned into an augmented human hybrid!