Approximately 250,000 cell tower workers
Get burned every year because of the high radiation
For this reason they cannot get insured

1 milliwatt of microwave radiation is considered extreme
Cell phone towers are constantly hitting us with 10 watts which is 10,000 milliwatts

This penetrates damages and kills our cells

If one seeks legal action against the building of cell phone towers
It is illegal to bring up health concerns

We are being slow killed by the 5G radiation
It is illegal to kill someone quickly
Where do they draw the line

Should not the people putting up these death towers be charged with assault

Death towers are now everywhere
On many street corners
At churches and schools

5G is certainly the end game
It is an apocalypse event waiting to happen

The intensity of 5G is continually being move up
When it is tuned to a certain high frequency
It will intensify the output of millions of surface antennas

Which will in turn scatter the microwave output
Of the hundreds of millions micro antennas
That are set up in street lights and your home

LED lights contain a micro tech lens flare composition
That will receive the 5G signaling
And proliferate the 5G microwaves by emitting photons

Billions of photons will be released simultaneously

This will usher in the zombie apocalypse
Many will expire

The ones who survive will be weakened
And vulnerable to be body snatched by the entities let in our realm by CERN

The psychopath shill sell outs who collaborate with the Cult of Death
Are advancing this genocide while pretending to be loyal and concerned public servants

In their madness they believe they will be treated generously
By the reptilian overlords who are mastering the human domain
And terraforming our world

Telling us the Russians and the Chinese are the bad guys

Terminators and robo cops will all run on 5G
Robo hookers will be out on the street corners

We are obedient sheeple waiting to be plugged into the matrix of the Beast System
Into the insanity of an off world intelligence!