In 2004 I was on a hiking trip at Mt. Shasta with a friend
One day we stopped at a store in a small nearby town called Weaverville

Two young girls had a box full of puppies
They pointed to one of them and said he is our favorite
So I picked him up named him Shasta and took him home

He was like a magical dog
Incredibly cute and amazingly smart with a wide variety of expressions
We instantly bonded and he became my close companion

People would always stare at him and ask me questions about him
And that continued for 17 years
He was born on May 1 and that is also the day he died

People who live around Mt Shasta have remarkable spiritual experiences
Some of them say they have visited an underground metropolis called Telos

Hikers cannot find a way to Telos
They have to be invited by the inhabitants
Who sense that you have a vibration that can hold their frequency
If you accept the offer an opening will be provided

Descriptions of Telos is of a crystal city with 5 levels
Its features are like a living kaleidoscope with a central white pyramid

When entering Telos a fabulous sensation hits you
You have a change in consciousness
And understand that everyone is connected

Telos is said to be inhabited by Lemurians who escaped the sinking of Lemuria
They seem ageless with robust health and high manifestation abilities
They have a 7th dimension awareness

They know that a frequency shift is imminent and look forward to integration with surface dwellers
A woman named Shiama is a person often encountered

Lemuria was a real place and is attested to by all the ancient megalithic ruins
On the islands of the South Pacific

Whether you get to see Telos
Or experience a manifestation or synchronicity

Magic happens around Mt Shasta!