We are told that megalithic blocks around the Mediterranean
Were built by the Romans

And that these same colossal stones located elsewhere
Were built by some local people
Or by forgotten tribes whose names they fabricate

Built with uniform thickness and sacred geometry
Where the granite was cut like butter

The Pelagasic Wall around the Acropolis of Athens
And the wall around the Emperors Palace in Peking
Are the same as the walls at Cuzco in Peru and Sacsayhuaman in Mexico

Numerous shafts and tunnels that lead to massive underground complexes in Egypt
Have their counterparts in Peru and Bolivia

Aqueducts in Europe with gigantic megalithic stone blocks
Are identical to the aqueducts in Central America

Obelisks either obliterated or still standing in Spain and Italy
Are similar to those in Asia and Egypt
And as high as the Washington Monument and Tower of David

Cities built into the rockface in Jordan Lebanon and Turkey
Are more preserved than the ones in Arizona Utah and New Mexico
Yet bear a striking resemblance

Pyramids on both sides of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Are impulse generators
Whose compression waves move through the stones
Producing an electric field

Canals in New York China Arabia and Panama
Are like the railroad tracks

They were all built in the former era
And repaired during the 1800s or early 1900s

We are told crazy stories about guys in animal skins
Who built megalithic structures with a hammer and chisel

Or about kings who employed myriads of workers
To yank on a pulley system that built pyramids

Or fantastic tales about armies
That built bridges and other remarkable edifices as they wondered around

Or incredible stories
Of a vast amount of artisans and skilled workers
Being in cities all over the United States at the same time

Now is the time to awaken to the true reality!