The La Cueva de los Tayos Caves in Ecuador
Is a underground network of tunnels
Whose entranceway is hidden in the jungles of the Andes Mountains

It contains a metal library with bookshelves of gold
That have books written with unknown figures

There are crystal chambers with statues of animals
And chambers with sculptured figurines of mythological creatures
All standing on crystal pedestals comprised of precious gems

There is also furniture of gold

The Giza Plateau in Egypt was originally called The Rostam
Which means mouth of the passageways

The tunnels connect to the Sphinx
And go all the way to the pyramids in Memphis Egypt

The Giza Plateau has an underground area called the City of the Gods
It is a colossal chamber lavishly decorated containing 12 halls
Which lead to 12 exquisitely built palaces of white marble
That are interspersed with terraces and surrounded by colonnades

There are over 500 miles of tunnels that have been mapped
That start beneath the pyramid complex at Tikal Guatemala

There are large rolling stones over entranceways
Just like in the Indiana Jones movies

In Teotihuacan Mexico below the Pyramid of the Moon
There is an elaborate tunnel system with a subterranean temple

In Israel there is the Cave of the Patriarchs
With hidden chambers and passageways

Deep in the depths of the prohibited areas of the Grand Canyon there is a great underground citadel
With carved idols and statues of Buddha figures sitting cross legged holding lotus flowers
And a crypt room with tiers of mummies each occupying a separate shelf

There are vast huge passage areas containing slow moving rivers of crystal clear water

At the Grand Canyon in the El Tovar Crystal Canyon the entranceways are approximately 1500 feet up
On a sheer horizontal canyon wall that goes over 2000 feet high

In many places of the Southwest United States
High on cliffs in steep canyons are remnants of communities that have disappeared

They were built using unknown techniques
And credited to a mysterious tribal people called the Anasazi

There are many underground cities
With names of Kioram Eryptosis Tanja and Cain Dour
Also Graphesthesia Mylasia Gapthis and Hila

Our world is vastly different
From what we are being taught!