Abraham was the start of the serpent seed
RH negative blood is a result of mixing of reptilian genes

Jesus knew this when he called the Pharisees and Sadducees
You serpents You brood of vipers

Referring to their place of worship
As a Synagogue of Satan

Abraham and Jesus were in much more recent time
Than the false historical timelines narrate

For our struggle is not against flesh and blood
But against rulers and world forces of darkness
Against the spiritual powers of wickedness in the heavenly places

The ones in power at this time
Are there by higher demonic power
They get rewarded
And get idolized by the masses
As they work toward the peoples demise

The ones with reptilian DNA engage in cannibalism

A snack for a Rothschild
Would be a glass of human blood

Blood is now being put in Coca Cola

The worldwide secret religion
Thanks Satan for allowing them
To feast upon their enemies

Most everyone on TV
Is now probably a member

Secret societies are used
To put these people into power

Prensa is a company that puts on media performances for the elite
They hire clones

A split in personality is caused by Monarch torture programs
When the subject is psychologically fractured
Legions can descend into the body
Sustaining the personality and making them appear normal

A Twin Bond is when the host forms a trauma bond with a cloned entity
And remains loyal to it
They share a consciousness
If separated the cloned entity controls the host

Pastors are agents who use mind control techniques

Most Christians now have split personalities
They are lustful and pursue monetary gain and success
While at the same time worship a Jesus
Who preaches against storing up earthly treasures

The Voice of God is a weapon
That transmits messages directly to the brain

Christians will think God is talking to them
And will go willingly in the fake rapture
To be processed for organs and meat

As we have done unto animals
So it will be done unto humans!