Humans are an experiment
We are very unique among the extraterrestrial life forms

In that the human genome hold specific sequences
That can shift through timelines and realities

The engineers of our DNA used theirs to create us
But our original DNA code has been altered

When a soul is overtaken by deceptive means
It is a direct violation of the laws of consciousness
Souls are supposed to operate from free will

Humans have 223 genes that appeared suddenly
And are not found anywhere else
These unique genes are mainly located in chromosome 21

322 is the number of Skull and Bones
A branch of an organized system of secret societies
That want to lock us up and shut us down
And clone us in a synthetic body

Transhumanism is being pushed hard
But the spark of consciousness cannot remain in a cloned body
For an extended amount of time

In the Star Trek episode Search for Tomorrow
The minds of beings were stored in holding pods

Captain Kirk conceded to allow them to take over their bodies
So that they can build androids for themselves to inhabit

But the one who took over Spocks body decided he preferred the real thing
And a drama ensued

This drama is being played out in our world
And human bodies are being used by non humans

Consciousness can be stored and transferred
Experiments have been going on for a long time

Malevolent beings are playing god with our DNA
They view us as disposable

Just as we view other life forms
That occupy this world with us

When we raise our awareness
And operate from the heart

We will return to the life
We are meant to have!