Consciousness is a particle flickering through time and space appearing next to itself
So that you can experience a timeline of reality

Consciousness exists in an infinite number of parallel realities
Whatever reality you see is where you are focusing your energy and emotion

The quantum field is made of light and sound sequences
It tries to mimic your most potent vibration
Karma is accumulated false pretenses which is not your true self

The ego is an overlay upon your true self
You find your true self in your heart structure

You grab your heart vibration by implementing it with your emotion
Words are frequencies so talk to the heart with positive words

When you have dropped your vibration
Give a gratitude and say Thank You for showing me
That I am in a negative location in the quantum structure
Recall potent positive emotions you have had to override the low frequency

You feel good about yourself when you are grateful for everything you have
Gratefulness and negative emotions such as insecurity cannot exist together

Be thankful for all your shortcomings
If you cannot find a reason to be thankful then fake it until you make it
When you focus on a feeling you co create it into your reality

You can construct or deconstruct anything in your consciousness
Crystalize in your consciousness positive thoughts and images

Thoughts are currents of sound and light which have geometrical patterns and frequencies
They are embedded in the quantum field by emotion as a hologram

The structure will mimic what you project and you shift into that reality
If you focus on war and destruction that is what you will experience
Whatever you believe you create in your next momentum

We have different timelines according to our vibration
5d and 3d run simultaneously

You see what you project
So tune in from the heart

Be grateful for everything you have
And you will purge unwanted insecurities that drop your frequency

Being thankful will keep you from fluctuating back into 3d
And you will attract the positive experiences of the 5d world!