Realities exist simultaneously
What reality you pick is up to you

Your passion is your true self of your higher consciousness
Create a world that is according to your passion
Where negativity does not exist or where its affects are minimal

Your true self vibrates from the heart
By knowing 100 percent that everything you do is from the heart
You will vibrate a positive outcome

The frequency of emotion creates a timeline
Create a timeline based on positive energy
Abundance will come through synchronicity

Master your vibration by controlling your emotion and crystallizing an outcome
You have all the power because you are consciousness

You are the script writer the director and the actor
Through gratitude transmute all your difficult challenges
Into great lessons of learning and growth

You are what you are looking for
There is no god outside of you

You choose which channel you want to experience
What you experience is a projection of your consciousness
The universe is you in inverse

Look inside the hood
Turn your mess into a message
And alchemize bronze into gold!