In the previous era a dragon appears as a obstructive force
Threatening the stability of the world

The dragons assault upon the heavenly kingdom
Results in the obscuration of the former sun
And the imprisonment of the gods

It is only through the intervention of a warrior hero
That the world is saved from the brink of destruction

Upon the dragons defeat the Saturnian sun is restored to its proper place in heaven
And the King of the gods reinstated back into power

In the Vedic account of Indra and Vritra
Indra is confronted by the colossal dragon monster Vritra
Who conceals the sun and threatens the very existence of the world

Indras defeat of the serpent secured the release of the primeval sun
And also its life giving waters

When thou was first born O Indra
Thou struckest terror into all the people with thy thunder

Thou slew the dragon with thy heavenly bolt
Who lay against the water channels of the mountain torrents
And freed the flow of the waters to rapidly descend downward

In the ancient world these eclipses were occasions of great terror and omen
When order was abandoned to the powers of darkness

The slaying of the dragon and freeing of the sun
Is one of the most pervasive themes in myth

Heracles descended into the belly of the beast
And three days later emerged victorious
The only battle scar was the loss of hair

Another version has Heracles escaping from the Nemean lions den

Polynesians relate how their war god Tangaroa was swallowed by a whale
After 3 days he found his way out but became bald

Jason in his expedition to recover the Golden Fleece
Was swallowed by the jaws of a gigantic snake

The parallels to the Biblical Jonah Samson and Daniel should not escape notice

In our world today a lunar or solar eclipse is impossible
The earth is never between the sun and moon
And the moon is never between the earth and sun

The solar eclipse in August of 2017 was obviously fake
Because the direction of the darkening went in the opposite way of the movement of the moon

When we believe the earth is a spinning sphere
When we are brainwashed by a big lie dealing with something so fundamental
It makes other forms of indoctrination a piece of cake!