We are a multiplicity of eternal minds
With energetic frequency patterns
Based on complex mathematical information

We use our bodies like an avatar in a video game
To examine and investigate the physical world

Our universe is generated in a grand cosmic equation
We are exploring our god selves in multiple dimensional diversities

Each of us is a unique expression of the ultimate divine
You are not a drop in the ocean
You are the ocean in a drop

We are avatars with self awareness exploring our transformation
Which is programmed in the forces of reality
We are directing processes embedded in the code of existence

We need to rewire from survival instincts
To a conscious thriving purposeful mode of fulfillment

We let other people trigger us into self sabotaging emotions
Which together with limiting thought forms
Manifest as vibrational frequencies

We allow fear porn to scare us into submission
And become addicted to degrading social media

We are complicit in being mind controlled into a low state of consciousness
But the veil is lifting and the spell is wearing off
Transcendence means ending the trance

Prioritize the soul and unpack your psychological suitcase
Know your worth and evolve into your heavenly self

Transition from the seed you are encased in
And emerge into your new aspect of life
An emergency is where you see an emergence

Go outside of your comfort zone
And live the life you have not lived!