The Patelo is the Vedic underworld
That has splendid jewels beautiful forests and crystal clear lakes
It is the realm of demigods and half human half serpent beings

The Hopi believe in an underground world ruled by Spider Grandmother
That is accessible by climbing a giant bamboo stalk

In Egyptian lore the Duat is where souls go in the afterworld
It is an immense valley surrounded by towering mountains

Through this valley ran a river
On the banks of which lived a multitude of monstrous beasts and devils

The Duat was the Egyptian underworld in the sky
It means the circle of Osiris
According to the Papyrus of Nu there were 7 arrets which means halls

The Hindus believe in 7 levels of the underworld or netherworld
Jewish myth has 7 hekalots or heavenly halls
Ancient Babylonians talk of 7 circles created by God from the inside

The Talmud states you have to pass through 7 heavens to reach the Throne of Glory
Hence the phrase 7th heaven

The idea that heaven and hell both have 7 levels is commonplace
They are described in the Secrets of Enoch
And both are situated above the earth

The Hebrew word raqia is translated as dome or firmament
But means an expanse of rings

The Hebrew word ym or yom translated as days means seas
Why would it take God 7 days to accomplish his creation

The Sabbath which is Saturday means Saturns day
It is the day God rested after his creation was finished
Why would God need to rest

The word Gehenna means valley of God and also means hell
Molechs temple called the Topheth consisted of 7 compartments

They are the 7 halos of Huwawa or Humbaba

7 islands separated by water or seas is prevalent in creation myths
And is used as explanations of the geography of Atlantis

The circles of Amen were 7 in number

Praise be to thee O Ra
Lord of the hidden circles

The abode of Brahma was a region of dvipas or islands associated with 7 oceans
That make up a bulls eye pattern of concentric rings

The rings were the product of Saturns spiraling vortex
The 7 present rings of Saturn are the evolved rings of creation accounts