We are unique sovereign creators
With the ability to create our own world

But are submitting to another version
That is being tricked upon us

The greatest form of control is dependency
And the greatest control mechanism has been through currency
But is now through vibration manipulation

Your pineal gland is a tuning device
Enabling you to connect telepathically to other frequencies

The multiverse is different resonant potential timelines
Which one can resonate with and experience

Through our own interpretation and perception of events
And our wiring across the corpus callosum
We experience our unique realities

The collective is vibrating on compliance
But we hold codices in our DNA that will thrust us onto higher planes

When we open our hearts and our minds we increase our connection
And can exist in higher frequencies during our journey on this plane

A scrying mirror is like a crystal ball used to conjure other worldly entities
TV screens computer monitors and cell phones have scrying mirrors

They emit pulsed radio frequencies that manipulate our nervous system into compliance
Through amplified EMF waves that excite the molecules and cells in our body

We have been frequency programmed

But truth is a more powerful frequency
And people are drawing into alignment with it!