You have to be conscious of your unconscious thoughts
Which are subconscious programs

Thoughts are electric
Your intention and desire are the frequency

Feelings are magnetic
Move into an elevated emotion with a clear intention

Broadcast a new signature into the quantum field
Any you will turn on the creative centers of your frontal lobe
The frontal lobe is your symphony leader

Keep revisiting that energy signature over and over everyday
You are the vortex that is drawing the experience to you

Think greater than your circumstance
And install the neurological hardware

You manifest who you are
Be the person you want to be
Be that dream version of yourself

Step into the river of change
And walk into your vision

A new career a new house a new car a new relationship
Whatever you are seeking will find you
But do not put conditions on how they will manifest

You are mastering your infinite potential with your higher octave
Which is also your interdimensional aspect

Go inward to connect
Go to the Source which is you

We are a fractal of Source
Send out your divine frequency into the quantum field

Our energy connects to forms and makes new patterns
We are a sculptor of space!