You are an evolved soul
Gracefully traversing your way through the rocky terrain of life

You are shaping yourself to be the most perfect expression
Of the divine being that you are

The art of giving aligns you with the highest frequency of abundance
You adorn your spirit with the luminous garment of gratitude

With each act of giving
You open the floodgates of your heart
And the waters of benevolent emotions come rushing in

With each act of giving
You don the blessings that dress your life
And you paint the world in a richer shade

The giver is the receiver

A kind deed releases endorphins
And you elevate your very essence through the well spring of the heart
Which will never run dry

You nourish your soul with the currency of compassion
Which is the most splendid of all

With abundance that transcends the material
You color the world with hues of radiant light and prosperity

You are the sculptor of yourself
It is an art
Look at it as fun

The universal symphony is played in the keys of generosity
Every note you sound resonates through the expanse of time and space

And returns to you in a harmonious echo of prosperity!