In Greek myth the god Prometheus tells the righteous couple Deucalion and Pyrrha to build a boat
It is a different version of Elohim warning Noah about the upcoming flood

In Chinese myth Fuhi and his 3 sons build a boat to survive a flood
It is just a different version of Noah and his 3 sons

The 3 sons are the same as the 3 daughters of Eve
Hiawatha had 3 daughters and sailed in a great white canoe
The same with the Polynesian god Tiki

The story is the same whether it is Utnapishtim in the Epic of Gilgamesh building a boat with tar and pitch
Or the Indic King Manu building an ark
The Assyrian Enlil building an ark
The pious Toltec Tapi building a canoe for the upcoming flood
Or the Babylonian creator god Enki warning Atrahasis about a flood and telling him to build an ark

The Ship of Heaven has always been a common theme in ancient lore
The ark is the crescent shaped moon of the previous age
It has been routinely identified as todays moon which is incorrect

The creator god who warns of the flood is Saturn
The righteous man builds the canoe is Mars
And his wife is Venus

The Ottawa tribe believe a Great Canoe with pairs of animals was rowed by a beautiful maiden
She let down a rope and drew the Prophet into the boat

Noah is Mars and his boat was a moving crescent shaped projection of light
The flood was a celestial build up of incoming plasma in the northern realm
Where the planets were magnetically drawn to because of the increased charge of the north polar axis

The axis mundi was interpreted as a rope or tree
The Aztec hero couple Tata and Nena survived the flood and hid in a vast tree
The Gobia Tree of New Guinea lore provided shelter for flood survivors
The Algonquian tribe portray the mighty tree as where their hero Nanabozho survives the flood

The mighty tree is the same as the mountain of resting place for the ark
The vast tree of refuge is the same as Mt Ararat in the story of Noah
Or Mt Nisar in the Sumerian account
And Mt Parnassus of Deucalion and Pyrrha

The Windows of Heaven was the opening in the sky where the plasma poured in
The animals in the boat were sustained electrical discharges

Trying to make any of these out to be of earthly origin
Is a futile endeavor!