Earth resonance is increasing
And beautiful waveforms are flowing

Immerse your body with these emanations
Feel the joy and be present in the moment

The molecules around you will mutate
Depending on the frequency of your thought

You can switch modalities
By releasing the fear programming out of every cell of your body
And manifesting with a positive projection of all that you are
In doing so you love yourself

As you merge the darkness within with light you become balanced
And you can help others in their vibrational alignment

Break the constraints of entangled programs
You are here to be a creator

When you smile you distribute your intentions
And in the process you help heal yourself

When we make life guiding decisions from fear
We imprison ourselves and attract dark forces
Who want to harvest these energies

Be aware of your associations
Some people especially those in the higher echelons
Who are promoted on TV and other social media
Work in the darkness

They are builders of the matrix
And proprietors of illusion

There are also benevolent beings of future vibrations far away
Who are here to help save humanity
And work with pure source energy

There are also those with mixed oppositional blood lines who possess different competing loyalties

Royalty bloodlines have a high degree of reptilian DNA
The dark government is the reptilian race
Reptilians are sourced from their sun

There are also those from the center of the hollow earth

They are now experimenting with AI bodies
But artificial creations will not hold souls for extended periods

AI is being pushed upon us more and more
The world wide web is the neural link to the Cloud
Which is linked to the AI quantum computers

The digital leash is being put around us
Chatbox GBTs seem like progress
But it is AI controlling through electronics
Who will also monitor our inner processes at the same time

Anti source manifestations are finite and cannot maintain themselves indefinitely

Resonate with Source waveforms
And you will create immortality within yourself!