The Montezuma Cypress in Mexico City
Has a trunk of 250 feet
And is the worlds largest tree in circumference

The Hyperion Sequoia in California is about 600 feet tall and is the worlds tallest tree

Our world once had enormous trees everywhere
Trees over 600 feet have been found below ground in Montana Wyoming and South Dakota
Cities such as Washington DC and Kansas City were former gigantic ancient Cyprus Groves

In these subterranean forests huge crystals are also frequently found
Crystals can be used to travel interdimensionally

95 percent of the old growth Redwoods in California and Oregon have been cut down
The same with the huge white pines forests of Idaho

Ancient cedar groves such as the Ross Cedar Grove in Montana
Are remnants of what was

Devils Tower in Wyoming is a fossilized ancient tree trunk
Fossilized remains of once gigantic trees are found in the more northern lands
They are buried and mixed with a melee of sediment and clay
And are often splintered

As sourced plasma entered our realm a vapor canopy developed
And trees shot up like fresh twigs

These enormous forests produced vast amounts of carbon dioxide and oxygen
Our world was once a vastly different place

Geo engineering has been going on for hundreds of years
In our matrix realm of manipulation

It is now being intensified as the vibration of the earth
Responds to the incoming life giving plasma
Which transforms our blood and introduces new data into our DNA

The war for our minds is at full strength

When you believe in yourself
You empower yourself!