There are 2 orbs that travel with the moon
That are clearly visible and said to be stars

Stars move on a circumnavigational path around the north celestial pole
They do not travel with the moon

The 2 orbs are artificial objects keeping pace with the artificial moon

Believing the moon and the 2 orbs are advanced interdimensional technology
Would force people to drastically alter their concept of reality
And they do not want to do that

There is a sun simulator in front of the sun
It is like a cathode tube that enhances the suns rays making them more intense
As the rays are projected they become scattered

The sun simulator has a lens array with a mirror
The mirror reflects the suns protons while spinning them at a high rate
Sending the pulsating rays across the lens array
Which shoots them down the cathode producing an enormous amount of flare

It is like a kaleidoscope and sometimes a blue beam can be seen
The sun simulator brightens the sky into a big LED torch

In order for this to happen the sun has to be small and close
Just like it appears to be
But we are told not to believe our senses
Only to believe what we are told

The sun simulator is changing the suns energy output
The life force that the sun puts out is being altered

Reptiles prefer this kind of manipulated heat and so do reptilians
This includes Trump and his more obvious reptilian fake wife

The purpose of CERN is to change the vibration of the world and to manipulate timelines
It brings vibration into our realm through portals
It splits dimensions and humans get shifted vibrationally

Nano technology is to create genetic alterations for purposes of control

We are supposed to have a choice to get out of this matrix
But many are trapped and are becoming aligned with negative alien races

As the end of the current age dawns upon us
Incoming plasma which is the Spirit of the Lord will purify the soul

We will feel a unity as the veil is lifted
When a new sky with novel planetary positions unfolds above us
The most dominant planet becoming the Lord god

The hymnal books in churches are odes to Saturn and various other planetary deities
That hovered over us in the previous era
The hymns have been modified to promote a crucifixion religion of control

In the former time they sang this hymn
Because they actually experience it

We are one with the Spirit
We are one with the Lord

We are one with the Spirit
We are one with the Lord

And they will know this is true by our love by our love
Yes they will know this is true by our love!