The restructuring of the Universal Axis
Is allowing easier access in and out of this Universe
Particularly for higher frequency beings

As density of the earth plane lessons
Trapped souls are being freed

The Wall in Time is a quarantine field
That has kept us barred in lower density creations
And has blocked access into higher dimensions and parallels
But reversal light coding is being cleared out

As the plasma surge through the Universal Axis strengthens
The earths crystal core is being ignited
Transmitting activations of our DNA

Our original 12 strand DNA are key coded
To the 12 plasmoids or orbs
That were in the original Universal Axis or Tree of Life

The specific frequency arrangements
Connect into different spectrums of consciousness energy

The 12 orbs have been interpreted in a variety of ways
The 12 apostles of Jesus
The 12 companions of Dionysus
The 12 Tribes of Israel
The 12 days of Christmas
The 12 nights of Yule Tide
The 12 disciples of Horus
The 12 messengers of Mithras
The 12 signs of the Zodiac

There were lesser orbs
Which would account for 14 knights at King Arthurs round table
With the 2 Marys that accompanied Jesus and attended to his needs
That would make 14 for Jesus also

Each strand of DNA has a purpose
One strand is for the assembly of the crystal gene
That connects to the silicate Matrix

The correction of the Axis involves frequency sets
In the horizontal flow of plasma

When fully adjusted will result
In the projections of massive energy portals

The Christmas Tree is the Universal Axis
The star on top of the tree is Saturn

Santa Claus at the North Pole is Saturn
The North was where the Assembly of God was
Which was the configuration of planets in the former age

The white beard of Santa Claus
Was the same as the Universal Axis
Which was also the original Milky Way
Because of its milky white appearance

The 8 reindeer of Santa
Were the same as the 8 legged horse of Odin
They were extensions of plasma filaments

Rudolph with the red nose was Mars
The most famous reindeer of all!