You are an eternal soul and you come here by your own choice
Incarnations are usually done in soul groups interchanging positions
Like a traveling theatre switching roles

The world is a holographic construct that modifies the soul into unique individuals
It was intended to be enjoyed like a nice dream
And also meant for instruction like a school
So dualism was allowed

Free will gives us the choice of connecting to Source
Or becoming parasitic and feeding off the vital life force of others
Demonic entities and energy vampires are those who have chosen that route

These beings thrive on intense high voltage emotional chaos
And suck away on the pain fear anxiety and discomfort of humans and other sentient beings

When one dies they are lured back into the system by deception
So that their spiritual force can be a continual source of energy

Souls are made to feel like their mission is unfulfilled
They are shown images of loved ones who want them to return
And are told to return to the light

These repeated cycles become a soul trap by consent
The fake solar system is actually a soul lure system

Humans project the collective reality by being manipulated into their beliefs
That is why the physical world is the way it is

It is a simulated illusion created by our minds
Of what we write upon the quantum field

At the same time we also exist in our individual reality
Other people and other sentient life come into our experience when realities merge
The ones with the greater impact are usually spiritually bonded to us from past lives

We graduate through the heart
And access higher realms through the higher frequency of compassion

We go on to experience an infinite number of these cosmic virtual reality video games
With a more developed soul

When one has led a parasitic life they have a lower frequency
Attempts to blast an escape hole through the plasma dome is evidenced by Project Fish Bowl
And by the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on CERN

The hole in the sky at the onset of world ages
Is also an opportunity to leave without facing ones karma

The elite who have ruled at the expense of others
Do not want to have to come back and repair their soul
Through experiencing what they have dished out

The world is a school and a dream and a prison
And a wonderful incredibly complex mind simulation!