Pan had the temerity to compose his music
Which rivaled and challenged that of Apollo

Pan blew on his pipes with such rustic melody
He persuaded girls to surrender to his love

Apollo with his robe of Tyrian purple
Held his lyre and struck the strings with ravishing harmony

But a sweeter melody arose from Pan
And he became a lustful god with horns
His favorite occupation was drinking singing and chasing nymphs

The Maenads were so enamored by being around him that they entered a state of ecstasy
They would fall into a state of hysteria and run about the mountain

Far music and distant mellowed song
Ballads of merriment so richly toned

Sent murmurings of desire
To entice a prospective lover

O sumptuous virgin did you give thy sensuous power
To Pan as he summoned beside the tower

Thy love which his notes did seek
Began with kisses to your pearly cheek

How she conveyed him softly as if in sleep
Entranced by his temples of poppies so deep

Frequencies of sound in the toroidal field
Were instruments of love to the ancient Greeks

The powerful resonance of electromagnetic attraction
Generated melodies of vibration in the harmonic universe

The previous age was entertained with the music of the spheres
As the planetary deities and their orbs gathered at the Mount of Assembly

They will do so again
As the next age comes in!