Mental holograms are used in psychotronic mind control
It controls humans using lower vibrational frequencies

These holographic inserts are implanted into the consciousness
Through frequency manipulation of the bodys energy fields

They control a persons perception of events
Creating ego addictions such as greed hate and envy
Which generate psychopathic personalities
That seek to exploit others
And which has no empathy for the welfare of animals

People remain ignorant through fear
And therefore can be easily manipulated and mind controlled

The ego dies in service to others

But at the same time protect yourself against unstable people
Who are easily controlled by dark forces

There are hyperdimensional pockets
Trick windows
Astral delusions
Consciousness traps

That one encounters in the afterlife
Which impersonate doorways to higher light

These trickster portals are hypnotic and enchanting
Alluring you with people
Who seem to want to have a sexual or other types of relationships with you

These will entrap you
And you will become genetically controlled
Reborn into the lowest realms
And harvested for non physical slave labor

It is the mission and spiritual work of evolved beings
That are dedicated to the release of souls in the lower realms

Trauma is induced in many ways
Traumatized people are susceptible to mind control
And the manipulation by negative entities

To disassociate with the trauma
The psyche manifests sub personalities
In order to survive

They are hidden in the subconscious mind by the inner child

Sub personalities are used as a mask to the public
And the person becomes an actor or actress in a movie
Frequently directed by negative forces
In which they are not aware they are participating

Their energetic life force gets stolen

Covid spelled backwards is Divoc
Which is Hebrew for demonic possession

We are the only species with more than one blood type
The reason is because we have been genetically experimented on

We need to determine where are thoughts are sourcing from
And whether we want to accept the consequences of the thought or behavior

By accepting responsibility for the direction of our personal energy
Our attention is shaped by our priorities
Which becomes our value system!