There are energetic fields in each realm
With swirling patterns of colored frequencies

Electrical charges emit light waves
That propagate through space

Our cells absorb these octaves of light energy
And we become more silicon based matter forms

Conduits of energy

As stellar activations increase
So does our personal auric field

There are over 150 different weather modification programs
With multiple purposes

One major reason is to prevent light energy from reaching us
Thereby blocking our ascension

49 different chemical poisons have been identified
Along with pathogenic molds fungi and weaponized viruses
In various toxic brews of chemical and biological agents

Also there are heavy metals which include nano aluminum particles

Producing a sick population suffering with brain fog

During the Vietnam War Operation Popeye was employed
It used weather modification to kill and transplant Vietnamese

Covert climate engineering has derailed precipitation patterns
The overall trend is drier and hotter

Excessive atmospheric aerosols causes drought

The drying up of Lake Mead and Lake Powell
Is not an act of nature

They are diminishing and dispersing rain to other areas

Crops will not get their water
And the electrical grid becomes unstable

The goal is to get people out of rural areas
And put them into designated smart cities

Where they can implement the social credit system
And enforce the Mark of the Beast!