God is Math
And Sacred Geometry is the language of the universe

These are the hidden order behind creation
And they create a cosmology of unity

Each of our unique soul patterns hold mathematical properties
Which dictate our consciousness
And our relationship to the universe

Everything including all life has a blueprint pattern

Light code frequencies of energy configurations
Are programmed into geometric patterns
And direct the angle and speed of rotation of sub particles
Which determine how energy will move in form

The energy is carried on plasma waves
Which activates our DNA and spiritual awareness

The mind can direct the light codes into the body
For healing and wellness

When we alter our frequency
It simultaneously alters the fields around us

When one dimensional field is altered
So is the one next to it
Just like a musical scale

This is how our universe with its dimensional frequencies is structured

A fractal is a pattern that can be scaled
To fit with other fractals or fractions
Each fractal is a piece of and a reflection of the whole

This shapes the atom which defines the chemical elements
Which are the building blocks of our holographic universe

Ley lines send to our personal holographic template
A spiral of spinning fractals
That they receive from the stars and constellations

These meridional frequencies are transduced into our chakras

We are the math and the sacred geometry
That resides in the entire cosmic structure

This knowledge must be respected
And treated with great care

By those who genuinely love the earth
And all of its inhabitants!