Everything you have been told about this reality is a mass deception

Starting with the overthrow of the Atlantean civilization
All information has been mind controlled about
The extraterrestrial involvement in human earthly affairs

The contact and interface with human vessels
Embodying the same thoughtform vibration
Who are high level members of secret societies
That have become world leaders corporate CEOs and heads of banking cartels
Is never mentioned in the media

The artificial reality presented is to enslave the masses as the work force

Our DNA has been modified to prevent spiritual ascension
And the common people are given religion as a replacement

Multinational corporations even extend to off world barter and trade
For earths resources as well as human trafficking
Who consider the rest of humanity as underlings and bottom feeders

Through the repetition of anti human values in the mass media
Deceptive and destructive social norms
Have been manufactured in the population

Disinformation and suppression of technologies and science
Has kept people in a constant state of survival

Financial manipulation has intentionally created
Economic debt slaves and indentured servants

Disease is perpetuated through toxic drug prescriptions
Chemtrails and poisons in food and water

Cataclysms of nature have been manufactured

The consumption of animals destroy the heart and soul
Preventing expression of our compassionate and divine nature

Human fetuses are also put in the food supply

Confusion about the death process creates unneeded anxiety

Electronic harassment covertly scrambles our DNA signals
And inserts hidden messages and holographic inserts for mind control

Access to multidimensional planes is our natural state of existence
As we are eternal beings

The Universal Axis is what processes the reality of timelines
And this Tree of Life is where consciousness travels
But has been infiltrated with reversal currents

We cannot fully know our innate true self
Unless we know how we have been damaged and devolved

We have now an inner vibrational chasm of oppositional forces

We are standing in the crossroads of major transformation
As we still have the ability to circulate our inner light
To use our energy for benevolent purposes
Allowing higher forces of good to flow through us

In this time of great turmoil we can still gain mastery over hidden shadow aspects
We can refine and purify our inner spiritual essence
And rise above the fear
Propelling ourselves to another level of inner clarity
And spiritual awakening!