A new magnetic tone is emanating
One that shifts our energetic frequency patterns
Causing a transformation of the programs held in our instruction set templates
Which code the DNA of our every cell
Giving us a new layer of experience

Frequency code instruction sets are relayed into every level
Of our holographic blueprint
Similar to a computer program

When the solar flares begin
There will be an influx of charged particles
Which will further impact the dynamics of our hologram

As the magnetic field shifts
How our DNA operates is altered
And our neural transmissions change

Effecting our memories and our identity matrix

Part of our consciousness is here
And part of it is in higher realms

Our bodies are formed by our thoughts
Which are projected on a data stream

Some people have become just programs running
It is not in their script to ascend
And will be later reassimilated into the simulation

Your intention programs your hologram
And can take you out of this simulation
Keeping your bodys instruction set for another dimension

All frequencies are here
When you change your heart you change your frequency

And when you pass on you go according to your frequency
Which is directed by your intention!