The law of assumption
Is when you believe something already exists in your life

You generate a feeling associated with that belief
And manifest it into existence

Being confident in your assumption is very important
Your conviction will strengthen when you encounter synchronicities

Imagery conjures up emotions
When something has an emotional input
The brain stores and memorizes it
And will start connecting those emotions to situations

If we include the 5 senses it makes the desire more real
And inputs a stronger imprint in the mind

What would our wish look like feel like taste like sound like and smell like
The mind cannot distinguish between imagination and reality
But it wants evidence of your assumption and conviction

You must maintain the attitude of a wish fulfilled
Pretend you are in the future living out your wish
And the future will become the present

Actions toward the objective will be natural
Opportunities will appear and the right people will show themselves

Merge with the infinite nature of your higher self
Disregard anything that does not align with your assumption and the fulfillment of your desire

Tell your mind what you want to transpire as if it was real and happening now
Your intention puts you on the frequency of your desire

Liberate yourself from seeking external validation
And you will find your own authenticity and internal confidence

Carry yourself as if nothing disturbs you
When you find the freedom to be yourself you go from ignored to adored

Shame corresponds to the lowest vibration of hertz
Peace and enlightenment is the highest vibration

Therefore pursuing inner peace and contentment
Is more rewarding than chasing after worldly pleasures

Social media drains your energy and makes you superficial
It teaches you to think a digital connection is more important

Social media creates a false self identity of ego
You think you are in the spotlight with an imaginary audience

Your identity becomes fixed and you are stuck in old programs
The more your cell phone stimulates your mind the less motivation you have to reach out in person

Desire can uplift or ensnare us
Insatiable lust inflicts harm upon our mind and soul
The relentless pursuit of fleeting pleasure will consume us

A quantum leap to a higher more positive frequency
Is the best way to create stillness and peace within
It will come in the most serendipitous way

The person who can at will assume any state of mind they please
Has found the keys to the kingdom of heaven

Extend a helping hand
Foster a more compassionate and harmonious society
And life will surprise you in wonderful ways!