We are seeing a reset
Unfold before our very eyes

By a virus that is supposed to have become a plague
But this plague has not been witnessed by anyone

Just told so on television
Which tells lies to your vision

We are told we need a vaccine
A vaccine that will make everyone sterile

And will eventually turn everyone into mindless zombies
Who will later attack those who do not wear a mask

This depopulation will make way for replacements
Who have been produced in underground laboratories

And who will only know what
They have been programmed to know

Even though humans have been intentionally dumbed down
To increase low vibrational energy

The Schumann Resonance of the earth plane is increasing

The reptilian archons who are all around us
And feed off our energy
Need to control our reality
And start a new experiment

How we respond is very important

Good intention will manifest
If we are locked into Our Source

By not eating animals our vibration will rise
By treating others with respect our vibration will rise
By opening our minds to the truth our vibration will rise!