You are a vibrational being
You are here to create

We cannot fully comprehend without direct experience and emotion
So we come into this world of contrasts

Each belief is a pattern of vibration
We get matched up to our vibrational equivalency

Creation is about tuning your frequency
It is about feeling your emotions and knowing what they are telling you
It is about understanding the relationship between who you really are and what you really want

Life is supposed to be fun
You are supposed to feel good

You can change the way you feel
By embracing the unpleasant but focusing on love and gratitude

We invent our lives
And you can gain absolute control over your experience

Do not fret over issues or health problems
Focus on breathing and put yourself in receiving mode
Chill out so that there is no resistance

When you change the way you feel you change your vibration
Be an actor not a reactor

Once you attend to the frequency everything that you desire moves in your direction
And what you want will flow into your experience

Then life will be fun
And the drama of contrasts will enliven you!