Your thoughts and intentions
Are the architects of your destiny

Fill your mind with constructive affirmations that strengthen your self image
How you see yourself directly affects your life experience

Visualize achieving your goals and living your dreams
Propel yourself towards success

Firmly believe in your ability to achieve
Create a vivid mental image of what you want to manifest

Cultivate an attitude of trust and gratitude
Maintaining a positive mindset is powerful
Know that the universe is operating in your favor

Embracing positive emotions allows endorphin neurotransmitters to flow
Endorphins are the medicine that improves hormone levels and maintains equilibrium
Your vitality is your power

Recognize your own worth and unlimited potential
Realize you are deserving and capable

We fragment ourselves by holding on to self imposed negative labels
We deplete ourselves by the inner stories we recite of not being good enough
We set ourselves up for a letdown by unrealistic expectations

Fear is transformed by trusting in your ability
Anxiety is dissolved by the free flowing of your life energy
Depression is alleviated by the light of your consciousness

They will lose their grip fade away and disappear
Enabling you to radiate your inner peace to the world around you

Find a deeper connection to yourself
Open yourself to the vastness of your true nature
And awaken to the beauty of existence!