You are quantitatively entangled with each of your avatar minds
Each avatar is another version of you

They are similar to what your personality is in this dimension
But different traits are more pronounced
Because of the specific resonance that is in each vibrational realm

We need to connect to the quantum structure and understand how it works
How our frequency affects the quantum field

And how our spiraling vortex that makes up our biofield
Is a fractal of multiple realities

As you are doing unto others
You are doing unto yourself
Because the field is all connected

The electrical vibration you put out
Aligns the vibrating electrons of the quantum structure in geometrical patterns
And that becomes your reality

When you contribute to the beauty of life
You become more beautiful

When you appreciate with awestruck wonder and gratitude the magnificence of creation
You bring positive energy to yourself

The perpetual energy of nature and the sun will penetrate your eyes
And cause sound waves to activate DNA fractals

Being barefoot will ground you with the earths magnetic resonance
And enlighten every single photon of your genome sequence

When you align yourself with nature
You convert to a higher resonance

By respecting the life contained in nature
You upgrade yourself
And you will bathe in the infinite flow of the eternal light!