The god Narcissus was unable to leave the allure of his own image
When he gazed upon his reflection in a pool of water

He realized the love he now had for himself
Could never be reciprocated

He was consumed by the fire of passion burning inside him
And drowned as he was mesmerized by his attractive qualities

Narcissus was a celestial orb in the previous age
That was electromagnetically drawn toward a remote plasma
Which was spatially separated from the main electron field

The pool of water was the same as the Pool of Hermaphroditus
It was a magical and energetic pool of plasma
Distinct from the Sea of Chronos

The plasma pool formed from a discharge that was channeled to a distant area
It glowed as its electricity charged the air

Narcissus turned into a gold and white flower
Golden yellow was the color of the streaming plasma also called Mountain Dew
Gold was also the color of the apples on the Tree of Life

White was the color of the polar column which was called the Milky Way
Because of its whitish ghostly appearance

For this reason it was called the Holy Ghost
The Holy Ghost and the Spirit of God are the same

The gifts of the Spirit are the enabling powers of plasma
Plasma is prana or healing life energy

It will activate DNA and invigorate latent hidden powers
It will cause people to prophesy and speak in tongues

As plasma permeated the central flux tube of our universe
It filled the atmosphere and accentuated ones inner traits

If one is negative it will increase those attitudes and emotions
Conversely if one is positive then that will be enhanced

The Spirit of God is associated with the coming of the Lord
Which is Mars drifting down the axis
Mars is the Lamb of god or white lamp of god

As Mars came down towards earth
He changed colors and put on a multi colored tunic

Krishna who was the incarnation of Vishnu
Turned blue as he descended

Horns arms and legs of cosmic deities were discharge streamers

The magnetic pull of the plasma tube draws the planets to it
The Assembly of God is the planets at the north celestial pole

With joy and reverence
We enter Gods house

As incoming plasma electrifies the heavenly host
Signs will appear in the heavens

Amazement and dread will fill the hearts of those who gaze upward!