It is imperative that you confront and embrace those lingering emotions which tether you
And essential that you liberate those energies

Release those borrowed beliefs
And you will soar on the wings of introspection

As you unravel the mysteries of existence in your sacred pilgrimage
Your higher self will keep beckoning you towards a deeper understanding of the world

Your higher self is an ethereal yet tangible force
That is seeking to connect with your being

If you have an inadequate self perception
It will be expressed in a low frequency state

A low vibration fuses you to this reality
And keeps you in the cycle of reincarnation

The laws of physics are the rules of this digital simulation
Written upon the video game of life

Build momentum with higher quality thoughts
And you will enhance your biofield

Resentment bitterness and jealousy stays in your auric field
And blocks your energy flow

Your aura is the accumulation of what you consistently think and feel
It is an electrostatic compilation of your energy

That magnetically draws in charges of similar output
Making your reality a mirror image of your thought forms

Intention stays within your field
You can mask your ill intention to others but not to the universe

If you have higher level positive energy people will feel it
And they will want to be around you

Purify your field
The more magnetic you are
The more of a positive impact you will have on others

The more effervescent and healthy you are
The more the gates of abundance will swing wide open

When you bathe in the radiant shower of bountifulness
Opulence will permeate every aspect of your existence

Foods infused with sun ripened life giving sustenance
Will inject your being with vibrant energy

You will say
Everything is working out for me

I look youthful
And I am timeless!