ET means extra terrestrial or from other lands or another area of the earth
So an ET is from an area of earth land that we are not aware of

ETs do not come from outer space but from extra lands
Out beyond the Antarctic border that surrounds us in our flat earth plane

Our universe is a unified field of varying frequencies
We are particles interacting with complex electromagnetic vibrating waves

Life is like surfing a wave
When you wipe out you get back on your board and ride another one

The answers we are told to the most fundamental questions
Such as who we are
What we are doing here
And what are the lights above us
Are all lies

Stars are not suns or the night sky would be filled with light
They move relative to a stationary non rotating earth

The constellations remain fixed in their patterns without moving out of position
Each year as they circle around the horizon above us they return to their exact same location
This could only be possible on a motionless earth

If the earth revolved around the sun racing through space
Then the parallax of the stars would be very apparent

The sun is close and small and circles above us just as it appears
Crepuscular sun rays would be impossible if this was not so

We are not on a tilting spinning revolving ball racing in a galaxy that is speeding through the universe
We would feel these 4 contradictory motions

If we were on a sphere shaped planet
Then a pilot would have to continually dip the nose of the plane downward
Or else it would fly straight out into outer space

If we were on a spinning globe
Then an airplane should just be able to hover over the earth
And wait for their destination to come to them

A westward flying plane going opposite the rotation
Should be able to reach their destination a lot sooner than an airplane flying with the spin

In fact a plane going 500 miles an hour with the spin
Would not gain any ground to their destination at all
On a rotating globe that is supposedly spinning at 1000 m/p/h

We are shown fake CGI images of a ball planet that spins
And fake images of a horizon that curves

We are not moving in 4 different directions simultaneously

We have been surreptitiously indoctrinated to believe we are on a ball shaped planet
With billions of other planets in billions of galaxies
Where everything is just an accidental result of a primordial Big Bang

The purpose for human existence becomes null and void
And we turn into selfish and superficial beings
That have lost faith in anything beyond the physical
Telling ourselves we are just an inadvertent coincidence

We trust powerful corporations with slick occult logos
Sacrificing our souls on the altar of materialism

Wandering through a cold empty sky
With no meaning in our lives!