Today is 777
July 7th is 7-7
And the numbers of 2023 add up to 7

7 is the number of divine timing
It is time to step into your power
And time for your manifestation endeavors to appear

As you inhabit your earth vessel with your interdimensional soul
It is time to reap what you have sown

It is time for your authentic self to emerge
And time for you to resonate with your true desires

It is time for you to unlock and release your hidden potentials
And grasp the vibrational opportunities that come your way

As you recreate yourself with higher frequencies
You are able to bring a beautiful energy to this world

Laughter is the sound of the divine
It is a joyful high frequency that attunes you to Source energy

Poetry is the beauty of words expressed in lyrical dances
It is a mystical encounter that fills the soul with enchantment

Embrace the synergy of artistic expression
Trust in your whispering intuition as you embark upon your highest path

As you inexplicably bond with the landscape of your dreams
They will take on an intensified and etherical quality
And your nocturnal journeys will intricately intertwine with your clairvoyant faculties

As you draw closer to the vibrancy of the higher 5d reality
Events of synchronicity will unfold with increasing regularity
And serendipitous rendezvous will occur with the right person at the perfect moment

The occurrence of seemingly miraculous incidents
Serve as guideposts signaling you to the vibrational realm you seek

The exquisite dance of synchronicity
Is the illusion of coincidence

Sometimes that which breaks your heart fixes your vision
And it allows you to hold the eternal flame!