You are the light you seek
The power you look for is in you

You are interacting with yourself in your geometric hologram

Your hologram combined with thought becomes a blueprint in the plasma field

How you tune into a specific platform of reality depends upon your vibration
You can quantum manifest by your choosing
And be the creator of your timeline

Sometimes latent emotions are magnified
Trauma comes in and we blow up like a mine field

We try to deal with the drama and process the emotions
Tension arises that keeps us from being our optimum self
And suppressed anger reveals itself

These emotions are valid and need expressing
How can you manifest when you are being overwhelmed by unpleasant feelings
That you could not let out when you were younger

Speak to other versions of yourself
They are an aspect of you
Plug that frequency into your consciousness

Reality is a mirror image of your consciousness
Emotions become a sonic imprint
A vibration of geometric blueprint

You can imprint upon your consciousness
A completely different timeline
And experience a more enjoyable hologram of reality

When you imagine something
It exists in the quantum structure

When you vibrate with what you have imagined
You will see it

And then you will consume the fruits of what you have planted!