We live inside the Universal Mind
On the tip of a neuron

Each loop of our spiral vortex is a frequency

Consciousness defines time
And frequency defines space

When we go deeper inside ourselves
We go into the smaller spirals of our individual vortex that holds our memory

Portals are electrical conduits
That are connected by a charge continuum of interlaced frequency

CERN is trying to connect our realm with others
But has mistakenly thrown us into an alternate timeline

The eye storm of Jupiter is a portal
Planets are energy fields from other dimensions
Jupiter returns to its former position approximately every 12 years

Every 26 to 29 years Saturn returns to its former place
Depending on its retrograde motion
It will make its closest approach between June 17 and November 4 in 2023

Saturn rules Capricorn the 10th sign and Aquarius the 11th sign
This makes 1011 or in short 101
Beginning college classes classified as 101 are introductions into the Saturn Moon matrix

Eleven is El-even Where El is Saturn

Ellis Island where the Statue of Liberty is located
Is Elus or the Saturn Island where the Statue of Liberty who is Venus holding the eternal flame is located

The north polar vortex is a flux tube that appears and wanes
When Isis went to retrieve the body parts of Osiris
His penis was missing so she made a new one out of gold

When helium is ionized it becomes white then yellow
This is the cause of the golden age
Where the phallus or leg of Saturn which is the same as the north polar vortex turns gold

The ionization of different gases produces different colors
Argon will turn blue or violet
And neon will become red and orange!