Objects fall or rise because of buoyancy and density
Apples fall because they are denser than the air
Helium balloons rise because they are lighter than the air

Submarines float because their ballast tanks are filled with air
But when the vents are opened and sea water rushes in they sink

A gigantic ocean liner will not sink because its total density is less than the water it is on
But a rock will sink because its density is greater than the small section of water they are on
Pumice will float because it has a density less than the water it is on

Imaginary invisible gravity has nothing to do with it
There is no gravitational constant because objects will not fall at the same rate
The medium of the electromagnetic ether forms a pressure gradient

The small near sun is perpetually hovering above and parallel to the surface of the flat motionless earth
It rotates concentric clockwise circles from tropic to tropic

The Tropic of Cancer is where the sun makes its smallest and slowest circle
Then proceeds back in its expanding quickening journey to the Tropic of Capricorn

These northernly and southernly courses produce the seasons
The daily spiraling movement of the sun is the cause of the alteration of day and night

The Midnight Sun is the phenomenon experienced by observers north of the Artic circle during the summer solstice
Where the sun is continually seen circling above for all 24 hours of the day
This can be experienced for a few days or several weeks depending how far north the observer is

At this same time in Antarctica the sun disappears for over 2 months from mid May to mid July
Leaving everyone in darkness and cold
There is never a 24 hour sunlight period in the summertime in Antarctica

The Antarctic Treaty bans all independent exploration and travel in Antarctica
It is not for the penguins because the elite slaughter penguins for their DMT
That is used in Illuminati rituals

To believe the earth revolves in a circle around the sun
Is abandoning your senses to science fiction fantasies

This fabrication is so extreme that it leaves the brainwashed believer
Impotent to trust his or her own natural instincts

Chaining them to the fantastical explanations of astronomical charlatans
Mudding them in a blur of fallacies

And triggering an appeal to authority for how to think!